Yuan's Hot Pot

Welcome to Yuan’s Hot Pot: the hottest (s)pot in town! Big pots filled with spicy delicious broth bubbling away on the streets have been a familiar sight in Chengdu for a long time. Founded in the capital city of Sichuan province in China that is famous for it’s spices, hot pot started back in the days as a simple but popular street food. In the restaurant the hot pot is kept simmering. Skewers with fresh ingredients such as vegetables, bean curd, meat and fish are placed into one pot of broth to cook all together at the table. They have a very diverse selection of fresh ingredients which come from local Dutch farms and they use as much seasonal produce as possible. Do you prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan? They have options for that, too!   Whether it’s the taste of home or an culinary adventure: it’s the hot pot that brings everyone together.


Graphic Design Concept

Custom artwork & Illustrations

Diverse promotional items

Webdesign & Development


Yuan's Hot Pot

The hottest (s)pot in town

Yuan’s Hot Pot is already an established restaurant name in China with over 400 restaurants and another 70 in Canada. For their introduction to the European market they decided to open up shop in Amsterdam, for which we were asked to create additional brand elements that will help introduce the concept to the new Dutch target audience. Located the heart of the Pijp, with many young international residents and known for its many casual dining destinations, we aimed to create a set of graphics proudly showing the colorful contemporary art and food scene of Chengdu to Amsterdam.



Made in China

In more than one way Amsterdam and Chengdu are similar: both being historic cities full of young creative energy and opportunities, they connect on mutual interests like thriving sub-culture, music and the street art scene. The young Chinese generation proudly shares their true colors around the world. That’s why we wanted to express this outspoken, confident tone of voice in the new hot pot restaurant in Amsterdam.


Postcard design Yuan Hot Pot

Webdesign & development

We developed a matching website with reservation module in line with the new graphic elements.
The site was created with an open source Drupal 8 CMS, responsive for all devices and 
SEO optimisation for optimal search engine results.

Everybody loves gift vouchers

When someone purchases a gift voucher, it creates opportunities beyond just extra revenue for the restaurant. It’s a simple, elegant way to build relationships and grow your restaurant. Why? You reach new guests, gift vouchers get more people through the doors, guests with gift vouchers spend a little extra ánd gift vouchers help you keep it classy. Instead of diluting your brand like coupons or discounts would, they won’t change the price of anything on your menu, yet they will give you the opportunity to offer your guests extra service by creating your own events and special dining options. Last, but not least: gift vouchers are effortless for you as restaurant business owner and for people to choose a gift. Who doesn’t like a night out with friends and food, right?


Giftvoucher design Yuan Hot Pot
Staff uniform

Merchandise & goodies

Everyone likes goodies! To increase visibility we developed some promotional items which are available in the restaurants: postcards to invite your friends, buttons and T-shirts.Which one is your favourite?

Buttons Yuan Hotpot