Amsterdamse Types

When you take a walk around the “Jordaan”, the neighbourhood where our design studio is located, you find yourself surrounded by Amsterdam's typographic tradition. For people who live and work here everyday, this typographic wealth in the city can become invisible because of their familiarity.  On shopwindows, streetsigns and bridges you can see beautiful letters from the last century.

Amsterdamse typografie

Bridges, Bagels & Baby Capuccino's

For a popular American inspired, feel good deli in Budapest we are now working on a new concept to freshen up their graphic identity. To explore what this beautiful city has to offer I went on a field trip to explore the coolest, prettiest and tastiest eating- and drinking venues of the Hungarian capital.  What a treat!


Contemporary Montmartre is maybe not the bohemian meeting place it once was when artists such as Salvador Dalí, Amedeo Modigliani, Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh had studios or worked around here, but for a visitor in search of inspiration it still has it’s surprises.

London Style Report


Per trein naar Londen, vanuit de oude industriestad Birmingham. De reis door het hart van Engeland duurt ongeveer twee uur en is, nu het herfst is, een genot om te maken. De bomen zijn geel-oranje-rood en de dorpjes met de Engelse pubs en boerderijen zoeven langs mijn raam. Als we aankomen in Londen is het grauw en regenachtig: very London-like.