About us

Nina Quax creative studio is an independent studio for concept development and design, specialised in the hospitality, art & culture and lifestyle industry.

History of the studio

Nina Quax creative studio was founded in 2008 and is an independent studio for concept development and design in Amsterdam, specialized in the hospitality, art & culture and lifestyle industry.

Concept development & Design

We closely follow the trends and innovations in the field of food and hospitality, we breathe art and culture and we love to do research. In the past 10 years we have helped more than 60 companies with branding & design. With this knowledge and experience we create brands and campaigns that are unique and appeal to the desired target group.

When you are ready for the big step, contact us and use our creativity for targeted business transformations. We like to work with our customers, not just for them. Working together, only then you can have a real impact.

Team Work makes the Dream work


Nina Quax

Founder & Creative Director

My studio is my baby for all my creative adventures! After gaining experience working for a retail design agency and two fashion labels, I founded Nina Quax Creative Studio 8 years ago. I find my inspiration for creating exciting brands in everyday life: beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say...

Morgane Lambert

Graphic Designer & Illustration

Hoi! I’m Morgane, a graphic designer and illustrator originally from France, but with worldwide interests. I like bold and colorful design with clever concepts, keeping in mind authenticity, inclusivity, feminism, and cultural background. Apart from snacking too much, I love listening to loud music while working. (I’m secretly-not-so-secretly fan of K-pop and Dance music.) (• ε •)

Ricardo Mateus

Graphic Design Intern

Hi I’m Ricardo, from Lisboa, Portugal. I studied Communication Design in Fine Arts College in Lisboa and then moved to Porto to take my masters in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects. I enjoy working with print, playing with typography, thinking of new identities and exploring a bit of digital. My personal interests include going to concerts, all things Drag Queens and avocado toasts. Nice to meet you!


There is one thing all our projects have in common: they take us on journeys. And because the road to get there is often more interesting than the destination, we created Journeys magazine, a magazine about our studio and it’s latest projects. In Journeys magazine we showcase a selection of places, people, projects and encounters that have delighted us. We hope you enjoy it and that you will be part of our next journey!

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