About us


Deze helderwitte ruimte en een prachtige plek om te ontwerpen, illustraties te maken, fotoshoots te doen en is zeer geliefd bij ons en onze klanten. Het ronde boogvormige plafond onder het spoor waar de treinen van AMS Centraal Station over ons hoofd rijden heeft zeker zijn charme. Gelegen direct achter de Haarlemmerdijk in de Jordaan in Amsterdam, zijn er tal van creatieve hotspots en conceptwinkels in de buurt, die altijd een bron van inspiratie vormen en vanhieruit is het de perfecte plek om de stad Amsterdam te verkennen.

Nina Quax

Hi, mijn naam is Nina, de studio is mijn baby - voor al mijn creatieve avonturen! Na het opdoen van ervaring bij een ontwerpbureau voor de retail en twee modelabels, richtte ik Nina Quax Creative Studio 10 jaar geleden op. Ik vind mijn inspiratie voor het creëren van merken in het dagelijks leven: schoonheid is in het oog van de toeschouwer zoals ze zeggen ...

Our Team


Graphic and Webdesigner

I'm Alex, a graphic and web designer here at the studio. Much like Brazil, where I'm originally from, I have a warm heart and a festive spirit that is nicely paired with the artsy-creative-free-thinking approach to life I inherited from the Dutch. I like to stir and mix it all up and translate that into bold, meaningful and visually appealing design creations. Design, along with black coffee, is what gets me out of bed every morning. I'm also a fan of punk-groovy-psychedelic-funky-rock music, all things mystical, travelling and Amsterdam itself, my favourite place in the world.

Laurie Stierum

Graphic Designer

Hi! I am Laurie a graphic designer and the newest team member here at the studio. I have a love for everything colour full and print work. In my designs i am always looking for fresh and surprising combinations. So you always get something unique and visually exciting. I am also a huge coffee lover and you will never find me without something chocolaty at my desk.

Antonio van der Zouwen

Marketing & Sales

Antonio is responsible for the marketing & business development of Nina Quax Creative Studio. Together with colleagues he works on marketing content for social channels, the first contact with the studio is often with him. During our projects Antonio maintains customer contact and when the result is delivered he can help with the implementation and application of our work within your organization.



We are always looking for new talents joining our team. For open applications please sends your portfolio to [email protected]

Who we like to work for

We are here for everyone who wants to do business, build loyal communities and change mindsets. We enjoy working with brands and companies that want to improve the world. We now have a lot of experience in putting underdeveloped areas / places of the city on the map. We do this for and in collaboration with project developers, municipalities, hospitality entrepreneurs and cultural institutions. But high traffic locations such as Schiphol airport, train stations, malls and outlet villages are also part of our field of activity. It is precisely in these places that there is a need for a sense of place and we would love to work with you too!

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