Nina Quax Creative Studio is an independent studio for concept development and design, specialized in the hospitality, lifestyle and art & culture sector.

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We make your brand stand out

Story Making Brandcreation

Story Telling Positioning

Story Spreading Brandstrategy

Design Production

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Our work

We can tell you about all the great things that happen when you follow our process. But sometimes an image says more than a 1000 words and the best way to tell a story, is to let the work speak for itself.

What others say about us

  • Lonely Planet

    When creating a brand, we research the "sense of place" and social developments and trends to create the ideal picture literally and figuratively: It is therefore not surprising that Lonely Planet's "top 10 places to eat & drink off -the-beaten-track in Amsterdam ", five were designed by us!

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All our projects have one thing in common: they take us on journeys. And because the road to get there is often more interesting than the destination, we created the magazine Journeys, a magazine about our studio and the latest projects. In the journal Journeys we present a selection of places, people, projects and meetings that have delighted us. We hope that it inspires you and that you will be part of our next trip!

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