The Albert Room

On the Albert Cuyp Market, smack-bang right in the middle of the Pijp, you'll soon be welcome in one-bedroom hotel "The Albert Room". The fading adds on the buildings around were our inspiration for creating the typography. For locals the market with it's flowers, pickles and exotic fruit & veg are iconic. This ánd the master Albert himself inspired this old-meets new-school logo.


Graphic design concept


Bakers & Roasters

Stay Local!

With this mini-map of the area it's easy. Stroll down the Albert Cuyp and discover a slightly distastefull-but-fun mix of pickled onions, kouseband, poffertjes, haring, heberdashery and fluoresent wigs. Pick up some breakfast, check the big exotic spice shop or buy some funky fabrics for your next creative project.

Neighborhood storytelling

The branding we created for The Albert Room emphasizes neighborhood storytelling by highlighting the local heroes with some humour. "STAYING LOCAL" is easy because the old market has much to offer. 

Stationairy design

Letterpaper design which can be used for sending letters, invoices and in a clipboard as notepaper for arriving guests with a welcome note.


As part of the graphic identity we created letterpaper and businesscards.