All Greek Streetfood

Do not expect the Greeks to be the first to embrace new things. Greeks are big on traditions. All Greek brings authentic recipes from Thessaloniki, Greece to Birmingham, UK.

When tasked with developing a new design concept for Greek food for a Modern lifestyle, we asked ourselves: How does that work?

 At All Greek they appreciate the small things. Because they believe they are actually the big things in life. The biggest luxury is time. Time to let the sun ripen tomatoes. To go offline, be with friends, your parents, to go outside and enjoy real conversations.

 Their food is prepared with this Greek philosophy and lifestyle at heart: Less is more: more flavor, more colour, more fragrant. It’s a way of life, using local and seasonal ingredients. Being local Brummies they source their stock from Birmingham area as much as possible.

Quality is always the main criteria, this means that, wherever possible they use local and seasonal produce, or import from trusted Greek suppliers, never compromising on taste.


Branding & Graphic design


Staff Clothing and buttons


Loyalty card

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All Greek Streetfood
Photography of the owners of All Greek Streetfood, Birmingham

When tasked with developing a new design concept for Greek streetfood,
we asked ourselves... "How should it work?" 


Meet our Greeks

One of the core values of the brand is: approachable, the Greek are famous for being welcoming and sympathic towards others. We wanted to reflect this philosophy with our design so we choose to create “food personas” related dish names: The Classic Greek, The Sleek Greek, The Big Greek, The Cheesy Greek and The Veggie Greek. Each Greek has its own hand drawn face that we use in the menu and counter signing.


Simplifying the ordering process

To save precious time and make ordering simple, we divided their countersigns in 4 steps and created a design that makes ordering a piece of cake.

Business and loyalty cards for All Greek Streetfood, Birmingham

Business cards with loyalty program

Flyer design for All Greek Streetfood, Birmingham

Promotional ideas

Menu design for All Greek Streetfood, Birmingham

Menu design

Custom -font : All your Greek

The All Greek brand has a text based graphic identity using “greeklish” a fun mix of Greek words written in the latin alphabet. We choose this approach to tighten the connection between their customers and the Greek culture (From Thessaloniki to Birmingham). In order to express the friendly handmade look & feel we developed thorough the identity with drawings and texture, we developed a custom font inspired by hand painted Greek bistro signs.

Funny badges!

We got inspired by Mediterranean tiles and Greek bistro to come up with a fresh colour palette. We use the sea blue as a main colour along with clay grey and white to keep consistency through the whole identity. For more playful elements such as stickers or badges however, we introduced juicy colors with bright sunny yellow, red and rich blue. All of it resulting in a identity bathing in Greek traditions but with a modern twist.