Âme Fashion Cafe

Fashion is the reflection of the soul and what you eat is a fashion statement! Who do you want to be today? How are you feeling today. Our inspiration for a concept for Âme Fashion Café - a contemporary cosmo café that brings food and fashion together comes from social media. "Instagram worthy" food and trendy restaurants where you want to be seen have become a fashion statement on Instagram. A photo of you in the new place-to-be for a slow drip coffee, colorful macarons or a juicy burger has become the new way to express ourselves.

Today I feel ... We have developed a set of 7 moods - linked to some very Instagram worthy dishes on the menu to have fun and play with, to encourage fashionistas to share their visit online and attract more visitors to come to the restaurant.


Graphic design concept

Illustration & Animation

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Outdoor Signing

Batavia Stad



Today I feel...

Today I feel...

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