Our studio was asked to create a design concept for a ‘new tech (on the block) company specialised in Robotic Automation Process solutions for the hospitality industry’, or as we know it, Aphy.

Through storytelling, clever language, illustrations and graphic elements we aimed to humanize technology and make Aphy as a tech company more approachable and friendly, moving it away from the tech-y jacket that most of the companies put on.

With Aphy's presence being primarily online, we were also asked to design and develop a website that well translates its values and graphic identity.


Graphic identity & concept

Illustration & animation

Web design



Graphic identity & concept

Aphy is short for Apheleia, Greek goddess and spirit of simplicity. This relates the name and brand to the divine, to an omnipresent source that, even if you don’t see it, you know it’s there, taking care of it all, all the time. This omnipresence concept is what we aimed to bring into the brand concept and identity, cleverly connecting it to the technology behind it all. Like clouds in the sky. Literally.

We also took inspiration from the Greek letter phi for the logo and symbol. It has movement, it goes around and ties everything back together. A single line, as simple as that, where it all starts and ends, taking you with it and (literally) connecting the dots. Aphy. Period. That’s it. Simple as that.


To visually communicate the brand’s core values and simplify the message we are trying to transmit to Aphy’s audience, we designed a set of animated illustrations that can be applied throughout the deliverables and as a primal focus on the website. They each represent one of Aphy’s brand pillars that were defined along the positioning and concept phase.