Club Up

A canteen that feels like a co-workspace, house party & coffee bar all in one? Yes, it’s possible! And that is Club Up, THE ultimate spot for the best time of your life: your student time!

Our studio was asked to develop the positioning, strategy, concept & design for a new catering concept for the canteens of HBO schools at various locations and various courses in the Netherlands.

UP stands for UPlifting, keep it UP, don’t give UP, the only way is UP. A motivational, friendly, energetic club where students can come together to study, eat or get inspired. Club Up is THE place to be. Join the club!


Graphic identity & concept



Interior Design concept


Level Up Catering

Graphic Identity

We love to translate our design concept into illustrations and cool graphic elements that make each project unique in its own way. Inspired by the values of healthy habits, vintage fruit stickers design and the student tradition to put stickers everywhere, we developed a set of illustrations and stickers to be applied throughout the Club Up deliverables.

Coffee Cups

Paper Bags

Juice Bottles

Juice Bottles

Interior Design concept

To bring together the newly developed identity with the interior layout and structure of the existing canteen, we designed illustrated and colourful pannels for the dividing walls/doors, as well as envisioned how the diverse elements can be combined in order to level up the space.