De Restauratie

'Meet me under the station clock'


Though it is the railways that can bring people together, it is the station clock that acts as the meeting point. For the graphic design concept we developed for De Restauratie in the central railway station of Eindhoven we started right there: underneath the station clock: Among the hustle and bustle of people meeting, parting, arriving and departing, the clock is an easy-to find meeting point. During commuting hours, you'll always see a crowd of people standing there looking for other people. Now that we have mobile phones, text messages, the meeting place has lost some of its importance. However, Meeting under the station clock is also a classic of film and literature. Several movie scenarios use the clock as meeting point for a story.


Graphic design


Main graphic element for De Restauratie, Eindhoven

Meet me here

Courant menu magazine for De Restauratie, Eindhoven


Courant menu magazine for De Restauratie, Eindhoven
Deliverables for De Restauratie, Eindhoven

Meet me upstairs

Photography of the meet me upstairs door stickers for De Restauratie, Eindhoven
Abri bus video slides for de Restauratie, Eindhoven

Digital activation - Instagram

Instagram post for De Restauratie, Eindhoven

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