The Green House

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The choice of the guest makes all the difference!

We started with a set of illustrations to explain visitors in a casual and playfull style about their urban farm where they grow fresh herbs, the plugless kitchen, pickling their left-over veg, social inclusion and more to help raise awareness that the choice of the guest makes all the difference to make the world a better place. These storytelling illustrations were used to create a wallpaper on the ground floor of the restaurant and translated into stationary which we printed on beautiful seed paper, so that after use you can plant it and grow a pot of flowers or herbs.

Circulair Restaurant

Stekkerloze keuken

Stekkerloze keuken

Visitekaartje op zadenpapier


Insect burgers

The menu stimulates guests to make their choice based on their impact on the environment. We developed a set of icons to communicate the locality, health and co2 footprint-rating of each dish on the menu. So next time you’re wondering whether to order an insect burger or beef burger? Know that your choice makes the difference.