Koffie Jongens

Never without coffee. Sounds good right?! For De Koffie Jongens, a brand new coffee subscription box for the Dutch market, we developed their brand identity including a logo, packaging design and promotional items. With a membership you'll never be without coffee.


Branding & design for a new coffee subscription box


De Koffiejongens


Ristretto, Espresso & Lungo: we designed 3 matching boxes for your favourite coffees: with these babies you can make the perfect Cappuccino's, Flat whites or Latte's simply at home in your own coffee machine. For this new coffee subscribtion box for the Dutch market, we designed the brand identity, packaging and promtion material. This box is delivered weekly through your mailbox and tailored to your personal coffee rituals. 

In your mailbox

Capsule design


Capsule design