Spark by WLSA

Spark by WLSA is a new online learning platform to pass on the fire of knowledge. To educate students on how to become the global citizens of tomorrow. To ignite curiosity, self-reflection and empathy in the mind. To teach students how to become leaders that will inspire their community.

When tasked with creating a visual identity and logo, we wanted to stay away from symbols such as trees, apples and other biblical associations, as they are typically western. One of the main goals, was to bridge the cultural gap and focus on intrinsic values to connect east and west. Therefore a logo that reminds us of fireworks and sparks illuminate us all and has a positive link with the east. 


Branding & Concept

Graphic identity design

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Spark by WLSA


A spark is the first step to make a fire.
What’s a fire if not a multitude of sparks?
In order to make a big difference, we all have to start somewhere.
Though little at first, sparks can grow, flourish into brighter stars.
Like brighter minds that will change the world, one spark at a time.


Provide structure to education


The WLSA community is made up of students, educators and leaders from secondary schools and universities collaborating and learning from one another through international and innovative experiences and programs. It offers courses for students all around the world focusing on the connection between East and West.

Spark by WLSA responsive course overview

Keeping it stress-free

During our research process we found that one of the things our target group is very conscious and cautious about is their mental health. They don’t want an overload of information and prefer one to one interaction if possible.

Along with our partner Uniqode, we worked on the user journey, keeping it as simple and stress-free as possible. Students can easily track their progress, keeping them motivated. They can contact their classmates and teachers via private messages or debate in the class forum. We make sure the platform would work on all devices so that students would be able to work wherever they want.

Picture of designer and UX strategist working on wireframes
Course overview of Spark by WLSA on different devices
Spark by WLSA user dashboard responsive on mobile
Avatars design for Spark by WLSA

Positive attitude and inclusive culture

We decided that the avatars would be a nice way to bring colourful and delightful elements from the identity to the platform while staying inclusive & gender-neutral. We defined 3 different types: calm, bright, energetic so that students could express who they are based on the inside.

It was also a conscious decision not to include humans in our illustrations. We wanted to keep it abstract so that everyone (from West to East) could identify themselves.


  • WLSA

    It was a real pleasure to work with Nina through the branding process. We have a complex organization and she guided us through and we ended up with a real gem. Would recommend her fully!

    Natalie Smith - Executive Director at World Leading Schools Association