Street Art Museum Amsterdam

For the Street Art Museum Amsterdam we were tasked to develop ideas for their strategy for 2019 and create a new visual identity and to communicate all it's activities. To start- we created a a new visual identity including a logo, graphic toolbox and stationairy. As a eco museum, playfulness and education are at it's heart. 


Branding & Graphic Design




Street Art Museum Amsterdam
Agenda design for the Street Art Museum Amsterdam
Cover design of a brochure for the Street Art Museum Amsterdam

Not just a tour

In our rapidly changing society, the Amsterdam street art museum tells stories that we should not forget. With its collection, the museum surprises and enriches visitors, communities and society as a whole. Founded in 2010 as a means to stimulate the local economy, the museum functions as a community-led, open air research laboratory that meets typical expectations of the presumed authority of a museum. It is this fluidity, agility and temporality that SAMA positions as a unique facilitator of a fleeting and elusive heritage of both art and history.

A living, breathing research experiment lab

Unique for Amsterdam and a result of the rapid growth and small size of the city, SAMA works as a living, breathing research lab experiment. With a careful look at gentrification, real estate development and urban renewal, the museum expands its collection and creates a dialogue about the once neglected neighbourhoods around New West and the new affection of the city government.

Inside brochure design for the Street Art Museum Amsterdam

Diverse audience

With its artworks about human rights, capitalism, ecological justice, social and political issues, Street Art Museum Amsterdam aims to inspire a diverse audience. These topics of public interest, especially on the social and political level, are a nice opening for dialogue. Street art is always connected to it’s location and is thus a tool to increase perspective. It mainly has a local function and is most important for the neighbourhood where it is located: Amsterdam, New-West district.