T’s Tea bar

Enter the world of Tea in T's TeaBar. A melting pot of exotic smells and taste sensations. All of T's teas are a mix of inspiration, innovation. Their blends all influenced by authentic global tea cultures culinary trends and mixology. Taking ancient and cultural tea rituals and reimagining them, providing a modern twist on tea.


Graphic Concept
Logo Design
Typography and colour palette

Packaging Design
Window Lettering
Counter Signing


De Horeca Fabriek
Counter Signing for the T's Tea bar, Amsterdam

Logo Design

T’s recently opened their Amsterdam site, we helped to bring it in line with their new identity. Working with the character of the interior we developed external signage, and internal artworks. Along with window signage directing people to T’s Tea Bar.

A Visual Identity

Besides using our own knowledge and experience during the process of creating T's Tea Bar new graphic identity, we have also used own ideas which we seamlessly translated into the visual aspects for the bar. While always considering the current visual culture and trends.

Consistency across all elements

The coherence of elements is essential. By carefully studying and absorbing all factors that (could) play a role in the process, such as the location, the interior and the customers that will visit the bar, this information helps us to make the suitable design choices. Its outcomes have led to the new and current identity of T's Tea Bar.

Photography of the interior of T's Tea Bar including counter signing
Look&Feel graphic elements of T's Tea Bar, Amsterdam
Photography of the interior of T's Tea Bar, Amsterdam
Packaging design for T's Tea Bar, Amsterdam


Tea to go with T's Logo for T's Tea Bar, Amsterdam

Tea to go

Zoom on Counter Signing for the T's Tea bar, Amsterdam

Counter Signing

Logo drawing and photography of Nina at T's Tea bar, Amsterdam

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