Our studio was asked to create a new graphic design concept that reflects the gastronomic, culinary diversity and richness of South-East Asia in a trend-sensitive and bold identity for Yūgō, a bento box street food market-inspired shop.


Logo Design






Logo concept & illustrations

Yūgō in Japanese means fusion, coming together or combining different tastes and styles. It fits perfectly with the principle of the bento box where you have endless possibilities to put together what you want in your lunch box.

In terms of design, the geometric shapes often used in games are also similar to the bento box compartment composition, so we used it as a reference for the logo design.

We wanted to create a colorful and joyful atmosphere, inspired by kawaii and neon vibes, using bright colors to highlight the dynamism and freshness of the brand. We also wanted to incorporate current trends such as gamification, food emojis and video games into the concept to create and enhance the link between millennials, food trends and Asian culture.