Grand Café Schiphol Plaza

Is anything more touching than witnessing people reuniting with their loved ones at the airport arrivals hall?
At airports you can encounter the whole range of human emotion, from heart-wrenching goodbyes to tear-jerking homecomings. The arrivals hall especially is a place where the suspense of waiting turns into the joy of reunion at a moment’s notice. the plaza remains a center of community life that is only equaled by a market-place. At the airport, you can feel it all. You encounter the happiness of reunions and sadness of goodbyes, the anxiety of nervous travelers and excitement of those going off on great and small adventures. Every imaginable emotion is soaring around like aircraft on an overpopulated flight route and it’s all happening in this very special place where feelings are trapped with no way out. Instead of texting every person you’ve ever met in order to pass the time, at Grand Café Plaza- right in front of the arrivals gate of Amsterdam airport- you can just sit back, take a deep breath, and take in the entire atmosphere around you. For me, there’s hardly a better place to people watch. Peruse the crowds at an airport, especially if it’s international, and you’re guaranteed to see a huge range of races, nationalities, and social classes. Airports are melting pots. 


Concept & Graphic design

Logo design

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Conceptional bv / HMS Host

What makes you smile?

The question “what makes you smile?” will probably get an endless and diverse list of answers. Smaller and bigger things in life that we can all relate to. A smile connects us all! We developed this feel good- communication & graphic design concept for Grand Café Plaza . A concept that connects (with its) guests by making them aware there is always something to smile about. In collaboration with @conceptionalbv we worked on storytelling and design.

Cards Wall
Grand Café Schiphol Plaza
Poster design

Menu design

For the menu's and other printwork such as combi-deal posters and free greeting cards we used happy bright colours and friendly round typefaces to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the arrival hall. The yellow is an indirect link to a smily-face/ emoji and for us THE colour when we think of a smile. 

Menu design Grand Café Schiphol Plaza


  • Conceptional

    Nina is a super enthusiastic, creative storyteller, especially down the line when bold ideas need a punch she creates (together with her team) a story to tell! Her personal approach from idea to visualizing the concept is inspiring.

    All the best - Dirk  -